Speriences DK

with latin passion

Traditional Five. points Dim: 80 cms. point to point

La Neta by Mikkeller

Dim: 45 cm diam


Dim: 92 cm. height  x 85 cm. wide 

Mexican Heart DK

Traditional Five. points Dim: 60 cms. point to point
Traditional 3 points minis Dim 15 cms. point to point

​​Giant Trolls by Thomas Dambo 

Mexican Embassy in Denmark

Interview with Carlos Pujalte, Mexican Embassador in Den,mark

October 2020

Potenta DK

Film & Video Production

50 long cms X 40 cms high

Les Petites Pasteleria

Doll Dim: 45 cm. height  x 30 cm. wide 
Traditional Piñata Dim: 40 cm. height x 40 cm. wide

Corporate Piñatas

Great Fun for your Events

RosssCasmmmFilms & Marketing

50 long cms X 40 cms high


Dim: 151 cm  x 64.75 cm x 61 cm

Eurogiro APS

65 long cms X 75 cms high x 20cms deep